| Vision & Mission


To produce world-class diploma Engineers from the rural students to fulfill the challenging requirments of the industry. To achieve Excellent character building and 100 % Placement for the students.


To enhance the technical standard of the students with hands on training. To build a strong society by imparting human values of highest standard.

Short Term Goals

  1. To enhance the teaching learning process with improved modern techniques.
  2. To impart service to the society.
  3. To conduct winter and summer schools for faculty and students in emerging areas.

Long Term Goals

  1. To establish the department as a center of excellence in the field of Welding, Metrology and Computer Aided Manufacturing.
  2. To become expert training center in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  3. To strengthen the industry Institute interaction.
  4. To offer consultancy services in the field of Automobile & Production Engineering.

Target Industry

We produce employable skill based engineers in the field of

  1. Heavy vessels and alloy Industries.
  2. Manufacturing industries.
  3. Automobile industries.
  4. Petro chemical Industries.
  5. Computer aided Engineering Industries.